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Bases can be produced in any color than standard grey and black for min quantity of 50 pieces.

The colour should refer to standard RAL colors.

Please do not forget there will be color gradation between aluminium and plastic base for the same RAL reference as a result of different materials.

The same color will appear in different tones on different materials but yet in a scheme.

Wheels, springs and frame holders on top of springs remain black as original.

• Before placing your final purchase order, please check price and availability of RAL reference you would like to apply on base with us.
• The price may vary based on RAL reference.

Rather than the fabric, printing technology is important to have a good result out of Maxi Frames.

There are three production methods for printing on fabric:

• Direct inkjet printing.
• Screen printing.
• Dye sublimation.

Each method will get the job done, but facts such as application, duration of use, indoor or outdoor, size, quantity, colours used, budget and others should determine what the best method for the specific project is.

Ink jet direct to fabric is an option for small quantities and indoor applications.

We advise Sublimation print method for our Maxi Frames

Dye Sublimation offers the best quality image reproduction and the most durable. Another great advantage is the wide range of fabrics available to print. Printing on sheer fabric creates a great look.
Quality can vary among different suppliers, the technique and skill has major input in quality. There is truly an art and skill in producing great printed fabrics.
For those who are not familiar, dye sub is printing on paper and then heat transferring on to fabric.

The water based inks are fused into the fabric opposed to sitting on top of fabric as in inkjet or screening. This gives the fabric a softer touch. It also makes the fabric more durable as it can be washed and steamed. This application is also used in custom pillows, couches, curtains, table runners, and many more. Fabric banners are also a great look for in store or window display, exhibition graphics, showroom graphics and events.

Perhaps with these details, you will have the opportunity to find the right printing method for this job. Based on the way of printing, printer will recommend the best fabric you need for Maxi Frames.

Please do not hesitate to ask, if you have more questions.

Almost all the products have MT hologram stickers.


2 reasons to have these on products:

• M&T Displays is honored by TURQUALITY certificate among 80 listed companies through which we pledged with a government support as a Turkish manufacturer & exporter.
  TURQUALITY is basically an accreditation system to elevate manufacturers to international quality levels. In order to prove items authenticity as an original M&T Displays product,
   we have to use those stickers.

• Hologram stickers are hidden in a part of the product when possible. The number on it is the batch number. Through this number we can find out all the processes this product gone
   through during production. In case of any complaint on the product, customer just informs us this number and we can track back the process to see the root cause and take preventive actions.


Hologram is an important application for both our customers and us.

Omni Frame was launched at FESPA Munich in May this year and took a lot of attention. For a basic introduction for Omni Frame, please see attached various images of the product and some more information below.

 • It is for outdoor use to make large frames.
• Max profile length is 5,1m (min 1 joint recommended )
• You can apply the poster by white hangers, elastic hook or elastic ropes which will be provided as accessory. Eyelets should be applied by the printers after they print the poster.
• is dedicated to Omni Frame. This is a no-name site with no contact information. You can use this site as if it is your own.
• On the webpage there is a calculation tool to calculate poster, profile, hanger info with an order list. This will be very useful tool for you as well as your clients.
• We have a promotion box for this product which worth €50 . It is a great tool for the sales team.
• Omni Frame provides best solution with banners made of PVC of vinyl material posters. It is recommended to place metal eyelets or clamps with a 15-30cm interval on the poster.
   This should be adjusted based on outdoor conditions and the place Omni Frame is fixed. The poster can be applied or removed by a single person without dismounting the system completely.
   Omni Frame requires no tool for poster applications.
• The first eyelet should be placed 20mm and 40mm from the edges of poster used for Omni Frame. Please see below basic drawing.
   The other eyelets can be applied spacing 15-30cm from the first eyelet depending on the environment to be used.
• For wall mounting of Omni Frame, one (1) wall fixing is recommended for every 1 or 2 meters maximum profile lengths and minimum 2 wall fixing per one side of the frame.
• Wall fixing is applied on the wall with multi-expansion long plug. The screw is made of zinc coated steel and plastic sleeve made of high quality of nylon. It is confirmed for outdoor fixing
   on various exterior building surfaces such as concrete, solid or honeycomb brick, hollow dense or hollow light aggregate block, aerated concrete and solid stone.

• OPTI Frame is patented product. Injected backing, rear profiles and corners are one single piece. This increases the productivity while reducing the labour cost, consequently the price.
  There are only 14mm, 25mm and 32mm profile options.

• SNAP Frame is a traditional click frame which has many parts fixed together. Various options from 15mm to 48mm are available in traditional Snap Frames as well as security,
   lockable and weatherproof features.

Which one is more suitable for custom sizes?
• As OPTI Frame has injected parts produced by moulds, it is not suitable for custom sizes.
• SNAP Frame is available in special sizes and in different profiles.

Are they available for Outdoor using?
• OPTI Frame is a multifunctional product as you can use the same frame on a counter or on the wall with landscape or portrait positioning. It is perfect for commercial and personal uses.
• SNAP Frame comes with screws for wall mounting. Optional support for desktop usage is available. It can be used for every business to communicate messages for displays, advertising, orientation and warning.

What are the main markets of the products?
• OPTI Frame is not available for outdoor use.
• SNAP Frame can be produced as waterproof and / or lockable version. Therefore the product is available for outdoor use.


 There are two things to consider :

1- Most of our standard products are packed by one piece. However we also have multiple packed items as well.
     For example products in brochure set range are packed by 5,8,10 and 12 pieces. These should be ordered multiples of pack quantity.
2- In terms of supplying standard products there is no necessary to order according to pallet quantities.


We can mix various products in a pallet. For standard items, there is no MOQ.


For non-standard / bespoke products, we should discuss based on the product required.

+ Most of our product can be offered with various RAL colours, with some exceptions or special conditions and/or with extra cost.

+ Please note that powder coating is mostly done on aluminium and steel material.

+ Please note that the costs we provide are for standard RAL reference numbers.

+ Pearlic and Metallic, or any special colours should be stated with the request as the cost of these special dyestuff is different than standard RAL dyestuff.

+ Due to fact that these special colours have special finish, costs are higher than the standard RAL colours and they are not kept in stock.


Some standard RAL references that we are keeping in stock:

RAL 1021 Yellow, RAL 3020 Red, RAL 5002 Blue, RAL 6029 Green, RAL 9005 Black, RAL 9006 Gray, RAL 9003 White.

For non-standard RAL colours please consider for longer lead times as compared to our stock RAL references.

For small quantities, please note that a set up cost can be informed to you according to the minimum order quantity reagrding the paint.

Please contact your customer representative for quotations regarding RAL colored offers.

We will always see extensions next to product codes.

That is an "X" followed by 4 digit numbers like


The red part is what we call "TÖK" of the code. It is an abbreviation of Turkish words "Teknik Özellik Kodu" which means "Technical Specification Code"

Table on the right is to show different "TÖK"s that we use and their meanings


Please remember that having two variations on the table (X5018 and X5019 for example)

does not mean that the code has only two variations of X5000 TÖK.

There can be more. Two examples are just given to keep the table simple and readable.


TÖK Definition Variation Variation Example Variation Definition
X1400 Standard code for internal market /w hologram no - -
X2001 Standard code /w hologram (UK type plug)  no - -
X2002 Standard code /w hologram (US type plug)  no - -
X2990 Standard code /w hologram for US (MT LLC and only for frames)  no - -
X3000 Customer specific code w/o hologram. Customer : Dansk Skilte yes X3200 Customer : Signwaves Ltd.

Code for specific projects. Indicates a change in the characteristics of a product.
Can represent a different size or a different RAL color requested by customer etc.

yes X5018
e.g U3CB95N100X5018 & U3CB95N100X5019 are the same products with different sizes
X6000 Code for products with printing for fairs, roadshows, events, trainings etc. yes X6001
e.g UCN325N0A3X6001 & UCN325N0A3X6004 are the same products with different printings.
X2000 Standard code /w hologram (EU type plug) yes 2300 e.g. installation document in Dutch

There are quite a few products in the PROMOTION BAG.

Various miniature products represent almost the whole MT Displays standard range. It is recommended to have one for each salesman of our distributors to make their presentation easier.

The cost of the bag is €150.

See the list on the right for the contents of Promotion Bag.



M&T Reference Description
UQB0T00NA4X1000 Single Sided Quickbanner A4
UPSCN000A4X50 09 Poster stretcher A4
UCD255N2A5X1000 25 mm mitered double sided snap frame A5
UDS0001000X1000 Door Sign 50x148 mm
UPT26EN021X1000 Poster Snap 21 cm
UPC00EN021X1000 Poster Clamp 21 cm
UPF21SN021X1000 Poster Fast 21 cm (Set)
UFN000N031X1000 Fast Note 31cm
UMSD001003X5006 Counter Leaflet Dispenser 1/3 A4 portrait
UCP255N1A4X1000 25mm Mitered Opti Frame A4 with counter
UCP145N1A5X1000 14mm Mitered Opti Frame A5 with counter
UCP140N1A6X1000 Opti Frame 14 mm Round A6 with counter
UCA255N2A4X1000 Double sided Slide-in frame landscape on counter A4
USBN1400A4X1000 Felt Showboard A4
2000203 32mm profile "TUBORG" printed
2000202 32mm profile, powder-coated RAL6018 "TUBORG" printed
2004831 25mm profile Chrome look
2006397 25mm profile Wood look
1001090 25mm profile Black Anodized
1001098 25mm profile Golden Look
2005669 25mm profile powder-coated Red / RAL3020
2005672 25mm profile powder-coated White / RAL9003
2005673 25mm profile powder-coated Blue / RAL5002
2005674 25mm profile powdercoated Yellow / RAL1018
2008053 25mm profile powder-coated Black / RAL9005
1001090 A.P. 25mm Upper (MAT Black Anodized) 6100MM
2001842 Business Cardholder
2005676 32mm profile "WWW.COM" press print
ULD25CN0A4X1000 Smart Led Box Double Sided A4
USWMDN00A6X1000 Swing Wing (aluminium base + acrylic pocket) A6 Portrait
UCP145W1A6X1000 14 mm Mitered Opti Frame A6 Wood Finish Effect with counter
UMFR000000X5000 Maxi Frame River 300x300mm including printed poster
UCP145B1A6X1000 Black Opti Frame 14mm mitered A6 with counter support
UCN321N0A5X1000 32mm Round Snap frame A5
1005175 40mm Fancy Profile
UMSDTLDN46X1000 Upright Leaflet Dispenser 4"x6"
UMSDOLDN46X1000 Oval Leaflet Dispenser 4"x6" / A6
UMSDFLDN46X1000 Foldable Leaflet Dispenser 4"x6"
2001564 Lever tool for security frame for 25mm and 32mm profile
UCV355N0A4X1000 35mm. Mitred Waterproof&Lockable Snap Frame A4
UMSP00R105X5001 Pyramid Menuholder 105mm (only plastic base) Red color
UTTME00210X5000 Totem Mono DIN A4 without Light
UMSRF0B0A5X5000 Rocket Menuholder plastic base A5, black color
UCC405BNA4X1000 Double Color Frame 40 mm mitered A4, outer profile black + inner profile silver
UCZ255N0A5X1000 25 mm security mitered snap frame A5
UWB0NW00A5X5000 Write on board A5 Silver anodized, white bg
UCB0N000A5X5000 Cork board A5
UPCD1D00A4X5000 PET POCKET in D shape with tape, portrait
UPCU0D00A4X5002 PET POCKET in U shape without tape, A4 portrait
UPCC1D00A4X5000 PET POCKET in C shape with tape, portrait

Window Sign is a plastic injected product.  It is produced using dedicated mold.

This product is a smart solution for posters being stick on the window.  Posters on the shop windows are generally in A4 size.

So this is the reason why we developed Window Sign on A4 size.  Other sizes, will obviously require tooling investment.

For 2015 we do not have any plan to develop other sizes. However if we have enough demand, we will of course consider investing further.

Available Colors:

Textured Black (standard)

Textured Grey (standard)


Other colors are available with minimum order quantity of 500 pieces.

Required color should be identified with RAL reference.

Please do not forget that the color requested may not be an exact match to the given RAL reference. Tolerances should be taken into consideration since the production method consist dye casting.


We are able to develop special projects which are outside of our standard product range. The first step starts with the exact description of the project. Here, it is important that we get a detailed description and in the best sketches and also a concrete idea.


If there is no sketch to be presented, it is often sufficient to refer an image or picture when describing the project in a mail to your customer representative. Generally we use materials to develop your projects which are used to produce our standard range. In special cases it is also possible that we can offer special versions or materials, which are not regularly available in our material range.

The customer service representative will discuss the project with the R&D Department and analyse the feasibility of the desired special article.

In general, we do not create projects under 50pcs.

Some projects can strictly be rejected due to necessity of different material, equipment or process that are not available in our regular production line.

After examining the possibility, a technical drawing is created by our R&D. The customer service representative sends it to the customer for confirmation.

This takes 48 hours usually to submit the technical drawing from the time we receive the request.

Should changes be required, these can be indicated on the basis of the drawing or described by mail.

After receiving confirmation, the project will be released for costing. This takes typically between 24 - 48h.

Following the quotation and the order, an item number is created for the project.

Each project has a project number, with AP initials.

Then it is converted to an SKU number when the order is confirmed.

In complex projects it is always recommended to order in advance a prototype.
The prototype is the right way to ensure that it is the exact desired product.

If this is the case, production starts only after confirmation of the sample. The production time for projects is min 3 weeks depending on the materials, product and capacity. This is confirmed with the order confirmation.


• Prices are EX MT Factory prices.
• For any EXW invoie €80 custom clearance cost required. 
• Prices include pallet costs and packaging.
• Lead times for production 2 weeks depending on the product and quantity.
Volume discount available.
• Payment 100% with the order approval.


Loading Address

MT Reklam A.Ş
Şekerpınar Cumhuriyet Mah Selin Sok. No:1
41420 Çayırova / KOCAELI – TURKEY
Phone: +90 262 641 50 92



DAP Prices

• Prices are DAP/…………., include the freight cost to customer warehouse for minimum shipment value of €7.500.  For amounts less than €7.500, additional freight charges are as follows:
• If the shipment value is between €7.500 - €5.000, extra freight charge is €250
• If the shipment value is between €5.000 - €2.500, extra freight charge is €350
• If the shipment value is under €2.500, extra freight charge is €450
• Prices include custom clearance costs in Turkey and freight costs to customer warehouse directly.
Local charges in Importer’s country is on importer’s account
• Prices includes pallet costs and packaging (each product put in poly bags and carton boxed individually except the ones indicated as multi-pack)
• Lead times for production 2 weeks depending on the product and quantity.
Volume discount available
• Payment term……………………… .


FREE DELIVERY LIMIT IF Order value >=  €7.500

Should pallet loads be ordered or it is possible to order any quantity to reach €7.500 free delivery limit?


There are two points to consider :

• Most of our standard products are packed by one piece. However we also have multiple packed items as well. For example products in brochure set range are packed by 5,8,10 and 12 pieces.
• In terms of supplying standard products there is no need to order pallet quantities. For standard products orders can be placed without any MOQ condition. In case of any customized products, sales representative should be contacted about the MOQ. It may vary based on product.

Stock Info

MT Displays is prepared to keep stock for some selected customers. Customer should accept/fulfill below conditions for stock keeping:

• Stocks should be minimum one palette quantity of selected item. M&T will discuss this when customer sends the selection of items. Some items have 1000 pcs on a pallet. Pallet quantities are on the price list as well.

• Customer call offs should be on pallet quantities.

• M&T can prepare the goods for shipment on 3 days. So if customer advice so latest on Tuesday, the shipment will be ready on Friday.

• After call off, M&T will replace (if required) the goods in 2 weeks average.

• At the end of the year, M&T will ship whatever left directly to customer on 28th December and will invoice. But prior to this, as of November M&T will communicate with customer to reduce the stock.

Why don't we receive our new year’s price lists before the year end?

Every year, when we are preparing our next year’s price lists, we negotiate with forwarders, 3rd party suppliers; recalculate our production costs to offer most competitive prices.

This study is done individually for every item in the catalogue with almost 400 pages.

This is a time consuming process which we always aim to finish before the year end or beginning of new year latest.

Warranty for M&T products? Is it the same for all products?

We offer warranty for our products. In our range there are 23 different product groups.

For different type of materials and applications, we have to offer different warranties.

While longer warranty terms exist for indoor use products, we offer 1 to 2 years warranties for outdoor products as well.

The terms are classified by product groups on the warranty documentations.

You can see the most uptade terms on our web site. Please follow below link:

Warranty documentation