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A Board header

A Board header (PVC Foam).

32 mmSIZEF1F2
UYFT0000A2420 X 594 mm460 mm382 mm
UYFT0000A1594 X 841 mm640 mm562 mm
UYFT0000A0841 X 1189 mm890 mm812 mm
UYFT0000B2500 X 700 mm540 mm462 mm
UYFT0000B1700 X 1000 mm740 mm662 mm
UYFT000023508 X 762 mm548 mm470 mm
UYFT000034762 x 1016 mm802 mm724 mm
25 mmSIZEF1F2
UYFT2500A2420 X 594 mm449 mm372 mm
UYFT2500A1594 X 841 mm623 mm546 mm
UYFT2500B2500 X 700 mm529 mm452 mm
UYFT2500B1700 X 1000 mm729 mm652 mm
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