Basic Touchless Dispenser Stand Foot Operated

Basic Touchless Dispenser Stand is designed to suit for use in any environment. It is operated by foot to avoid any unnecessary contact. Basic Touchless Dispenser Stand is a low-cost sanitising option where water and soap is not very easy to reach. It has heavy and sturdy construction for use outdoor conditions.  It can be positioned in maximum traffic flow areas rather than being missed as may happen with wall-mounted dispensers.
The pedal squeeze enables to apply disinfectant sanitizing gel or alcohol. Dispenser is fixed at convenient height.
Optional header allows adding appropriate messages to users (whether staff, visitors or customers) or promoting a brand.
Basic Touchless Dispenser Stand is suitable for commercial space, lobby, school, gyms, office, buildings, shopping malls and even industrial purposes.




UHTDBG2000 Basic Touchless Dispenser 1L (no gel), Grey 9,850 kg 125 X 1370 X 100 mm - 330 X 350 X 60 mm - 120 X 170 X 300 mm
UHTDBB2000 Basic Touchless Dispenser 1L (no gel), Black 9,850 kg 125 X 1370 X 100 mm - 330 X 350 X 60 mm - 120 X 170 X 300 mm
UHTDBW2000 Basic Touchless Dispenser 1L (no gel), White 9,850 kg 125 X 1370 X 100 mm - 330 X 350 X 60 mm - 120 X 170 X 300 mm

* W:Width    H: Height   D: Depth




• Stand is made of sturdy powder-coated steel.  
• Dispenser holder made of shutter-proof ABS and bottle is PE.
• Flat steel base is 300x320 mm and weighs 3,600 kg.
• Textured finish
• 1L dispenser bottle is easily refillable with sanitizing gel or alcohol. And pump top mechanism to provide quick and easy access to disinfection.
• Dispenser bottle has spring loaded locking system to prevent foreign access. It is easy to access for clearing or refiling the gel or
  liquid by the shop or maintenance staff.  
• Paddle at top allows large range of motion for dispensing.  It is tested for use around 700.000 times.
• Pedal coated with EVA for comfortability and designed for ergonomic use and tested for use around 700.000 times without failure.
• Lever stays open for easy access during change of bottle. Pump is placed into the nest under the lever to avoid pump moving around.
  Pump nuzzle faces 120° downwards allowing alcohol /gel into hand avoiding to spill over or wasting alcohol/gel.
• Drip tray included, inserts into the holder with a basic locking system to prevent loosing.
• Standard height is 1405,5 mm.
• Standard colours Silver, Black and White. Custom colours are available.
• Pedal
• Simple assembly required. Installation can be undertaken by any member of staff without specialist tools or know-how.
• Packed in 3 boxes.
• Recommended for express courier shipping as single unit.
• Optional header is available, made of PP, in size of 250x350mm.
• Sanitizer gel or alcohol is not included.