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Clear Hygiene Barrier

Keep your distance with your clients. Clear Hygiene Barrier made of acrylic and aluminium will help to keep a distance and protect from any particles in the air. It can be hygiene cleaned. Clear Barrier can be fixed on the desk with the fixing kit provided. Each clear barrier can be placed next to each other to cover wider desks or cashiers. The height of the clear panel can be adjusted easily by sliding in the horizontal profiles.


MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium & AcrylicWEIGHTPACKING SIZE (10 Pcs)
UHBN001008800 X 1000 mm750 X 800 mm7,600 kg850 X 1060 X 85 mm
UHBN0010101000 X 1000 mm950 X 800 mm8,400 kg1050 X 1060 X 85 mm
UHBN0010121200 X 1000 mm1150 X 800 mm9,500 kg1060 X 1250 X 85 mm
UHBN001208800 X 1200 mm750 X 1000 mm8,700 kg850 X 1260 X 85 mm
UHBN0012101000 X 1200 mm950 X 1000 mm10,100 kg1050 X 1260 X 85 mm
UHBN0012121200 X 1200 mm1150 X 1000 mm11,600 kg1250 X 1260 X 85 mm

* W:WidthH: HeightD: Depth

UMSDA105A4A4 – 8.5”X11” Brochure Holder (5 Pcs)1,200 kg225 X 250 X 265 mm
UMSDA100A5A5 Brochure Holder (5 Pcs)0,720 kg175 X 230 X 175 mm
UMSDA10A43A4/3 Brochure Holder (5 Pcs)0,530 kg125 X 230 X 175 mm
UYPFSPN000Pump & Wipe Dispenser Bracket0,900 kg135 X 290 X 135 mm
UYPFSBN000Box Dispenser Bracket0,650 kg150 X 290 X 135 mm
UFSD001001Sanitizing Dispensers 500 ml. (without jel) – Vol 11,100 kg130 X 340 X 215 mm
UFSD002001Sanitizing Dispensers 1000 ml. (without jel) – Vol 11,600 kg145 X 270 X 215 mm
UFSD002A01Sanitizing Dispensers 1000 ml. (without jel) – Vol 20,700 kg135 X 420 X 180 mm

* W:WidthH: HeightD: Depth


Clear Hygiene Barrier creates a physical barrier between

customers and workers in the same environment such as POS

checkouts, cash registers, tables or desks. It helps protecting against

unwanted contamination from airborne viruses as well as bacteria

and germs that can be caused by coughing or sneezing. 


It is good for takeout counters, pharmacies, grocery stores, offices 

and banks. 


It is made of sturdy aluminium frame and transparent clear 4 mm

Acrylic to provide clear view on both sides of the barrier. 


Clear Hygiene Barriers can be placed next to other to create 

a clear wall. 


High stability and lightweight for convenient mobility.


Simple to clean. Use a soft cloth and soapy water only.

Do not use scouring compounds or chemical glass cleaners as they 

may harm surface.


Delivered feet unassembled to save from transport 

Clear Hygiene Barrier

Clear Hygiene Barrier

Clear Hygiene Barrier


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