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Clear Wall Separator

Now you can section and divide a room with unobstructed views!
Use clear room dividers when you need to control or contain an area but still allow you to restrict access and also see what is beyond the barrier. Portable see through clear dividers are perfect for a variety of applications and for a number of settings. Optional wheels available


MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium & PETWEIGHTPACKING SIZE
UHCWSN00101000 X 2000 mmClear Wall Separator / Silver10,900 kg1080 X 2070 X 85 mm
UHCWSB00101000 X 2000 mmClear Wall Separator / Black RAL 900510,900 kg1080 X 2070 X 85 mm
UHCWSW00101000 X 2000 mmClear Wall Separator / White RAL 901010,900 kg1080 X 2070 X 85 mm

* W:WidthH: HeightD: Depth

UMSDA105A4A4 – 8.5”X11” Brochure Holder (5 Pcs)1,200 kg225 X 250 X 265 mm
UMSDA100A5A5 Brochure Holder (5 Pcs)0,720 kg175 X 230 X 175 mm
UMSDA10A43A4/3 Brochure Holder (5 Pcs)0,530 kg125 X 230 X 175 mm
UYPFSPN000Pump & Wipe Dispenser Bracket0,850 kg135 X 290 X 135 mm
UYPFSBN000Box Dispenser Bracket0,700 kg150 X 290 X 135 mm
UFSD001001Sanitizing Dispensers 500 ml. (without jel) – Vol 10,650 kg130 X 340 X 220 mm
UFSD002001Sanitizing Dispensers 1000 ml. (without jel) – Vol 10,900 kg145 X 375 X 220 mm
UFSD002A01Sanitizing Dispensers 1000 ml. (without jel) – Vol 20,700 kg135 X 420 X 180 mm
UYPHCWS010Clear Wall Wheel packed by 4 pcs0,45 kg160 X 160 X 75 mm
UYPHCWS020Flat Connector for Clear Wall Separator
UYPHCWS030Coonector Kit
UYPHCWS040Wall Clips Silver
UYPHCWSB40Wall Clips Black
UYPHCWSW40Wall Clips White


• It is non-yellowing, lightweight and highly impact-resistant. 

• For added durability, our translucent wall panels are fixed to the anodized extruded aluminium channels with a silicone wick.

• Since the 2020 pandemic started, clear wall dividers will be a crucial tool for managing the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in several facilities. 

• When used as Check-In Barrier, they are perfect for any medical facility right at the reception area. In hospitals, primary care facilities, and dentist offices, clear room dividers act as a line of defence from infectious diseases spreading to either medical staff or patients. 

• The transparent barrier allows communication to continue on either side of the partition as well. If there are multiple patients at reception, the Clear Dividers can act as a sneeze guard and also a form of crowd control between people. 

• Since these dividers are freestanding and portable, they can easily be moved to different areas of the facility as needed.

• They are stackable, taking less space when not used. 

• Rolls on levelling casters optional or can be fixed on ground by using the holes on the feet. 

• Panel Material: Durable 1 mm clear PET 

• Frame Material: Extruded and anodised aluminium

• Frame Finish: Black powder-coat paint, silver anodised or white powder-coat paint



Clear Wall Separator the most popular social distancing item anywhere people would stand, exercise, queue or sit close together. Connector Kit Clear Wall Separator connects multiple Clear Wall Separators together.

• With help of Connector Kit, as many Clear Wall Separators as deeded can be connected together to create 78.74” high protection.
• Fixing protection screens with hinges at three heights, Connector Kit allows placing dividers with 90° up to 180°angle.
• It allows building straight wall-like screen as well as L, Z or U shape dividers
• Locking castors holds Clear Wall Separator to create light weight and ideal partition.
• It provides a safety barrier to help prevent infection.
• Simple assembly required. Spanner and allen key included in the kit for assembly.


Wall Clips is an accessory to fix Clear Wall Separator on a wall when the space is limited between the machines, ATMs or desks .

• Made of sturdy powder-coated steel ensuring quality and longevity.
• Clips are covered internally with soft pads (EVA foam) to hold Clear Wall Separator securely and prevent scratching the profiles.
• Wall Clips are 70 mm high, 43 mm wide and 39 mm deep.
• Wall clips are applied either with double sided self-adhesive tape or screws & wall plugs.
• Packed 2 x 35 mm with double sided self-adhesive tape and wall plugs.
• Easy to install; strong and durable.
• Packed 2 pieces.
• Self-adhesive tape and screws included.


Flat connector for Clear Wall Separator allows connecting multiple screens straight like a wall still keeping the full view. The pack includes top and bottom  connector, soft feet and fixing kit.

• Made of sturdy powder-coated steel ensuring quality and longevity.


Clear Wall Separator

Clear Wall Separator

Clear Wall Separator

Clear Wall Separator

Clear Wall Separator


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