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Double Sided Snap Frame 32 mm

• Posters can be wieved from inside & outside.
• Anti-glare poster cover sheet.




20″ X 30″ (508 X 762 mm), 30″ X 40″ (762 X 1016 mm), 40″ X 60″ (1016 X 1524 mm), A0 ( 841 X 1189 mm), A1 (594 X 841 mm), A2 (420 X 594 mm), A3 (297 X 420 mm), B1 (700 X 1000 mm), B2 (500 X 700 mm)

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium PROFILE : 32 mm 450 – RoundWEIGHTPACKING SIZE
UCD325N2A3UCD320N2A3340 X 463 mm297 X 420 mm277 X 400 mm1,800 kg360 X 470 X 57 mm
UCD325N2A2UCD320N2A2463 X 637 mm420 X 594 mm400 X 574 mm2,500 kg470 X 660 X 57 mm
UCD325N2A1UCD320N2A1637 X 884 mm594 X 841 mm574 X 821 mm4,300 kg660 X 910 X 57 mm
UCD325N2A0UCD320N2A0884 X 1232 mm841 X 1189 mm821 X 1169 mm8,500 kg910 X 1260 X 57 mm
UCD325N2B2UCD320N2B2543 X 743 mm500 X 700 mm480 X 680 mm3,200 kg560 X 760 X 57 mm
UCD325N2B1UCD320N2B1743 X 1043 mm700 X 1000 mm680 X 980 mm5,500 kg760 X 1060 X 57 mm
UCD325N223UCD320N223551 X 805 mm508 X 762 mm488 X 742 mm3,500 kg570 X 820 X 57 mm
UCD325N234UCD320N234805 X 1059 mm762 X 1016 mm742 X 996 mm5,900 kg820 X 1080 X 57 mm
UCD325N246UCD320N2461059 X 1567 mm1016 X 1524 mm996 X 1504 mm10,800 kg1070 X 1590 X 57 mm

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth

Ceiling hanger sets
UYAA001030Ceiling hanger set for 32mm double sided frames for sizes A1-B1
UYAA001130Ceiling hanger set for 32mm double sided frames for sizes A0-B0


Aluminium double sided poster frames are great sign displays for banks, shops, markets, hotels, business offices, exhibitions to display announcements, deals, notices, messages, and rules. They fit in different business environments and appropriate for all industries.


Use of those double sided hanging frames is fairly easy, simply flip open the four sides of the frame and places the poster under the anti-glare transparent cover. The anti-glare cover allows clear view of the poster and protects the poster from dust and weather conditions. Such hanging frames are important and booming marketing displays for increasing visibility of the message.


These hanging snap frames are also used in hospitals and open to public environment as signage to display messages and announcements. When these aluminium poster frames are used with commercial artwork, where new posters are placed often; they attract attention of end buyers and ease the work of the applicants. The double sided frames are available in different sizes, 

5 years warranty. 
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