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Floor Stand for Healthcare Dispensers in Box

• The Floor Stand for Healthcare dispenser is designed
  to hold personal protection equipment boxes such as
  disposable glove, face mask, alcohol wet wipes or
  tissue easily. 
• Dispenser size is adaptable for various box sizes available
  in the market. Max width of the box is 15 cm and min width
  of the box is 9 cm, that can be placed on the box
  dispenser. Any length of the box is available as long as
  the max weight of the box does not exceed 2 kg. 
• Dispenser’s position at height is also adjustable on the
  pole, moving up and down the channel of the aluminium
• If required an additional box dispenser can be added,
  allowing the stand to offer two dispensers at the same
• The boxes are mounted with 2 pcs of very tight weather-
  resistan velcro tape, which is replaceable if need be.
  The length of each velcro tape is 50 cm, and allows
  different box depths to be placed on the dispenser.
  When box is at max 15 cm width, the max depth of
  the box is 10 cm that can be placed in the dispenser. 
• The station is suitable for use in high traffic areas such as
  supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, factories, construction
  sites, apartments and many more.

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminiumWEIGHTPACKING SIZE
USSFSNB001Floor Stand For Healtcare Dispensers in Box8,150 kg410 X 700 X 90 mm
USSFSNB002Floor Stand For Healtcare Dispensers in Box with A3 Opti Frame9,650 kg410 X 820 X 95 mm
USSFSNB003Floor Stand For Healtcare Dispensers in Box with 11”x17” Opti Frame9,650 kg410 X 820 X 95 mm
UYPFSBN000Additional Floor Stand For Box Dispenser Bracket0,650 kg150 X 290 X 75 mm

* W:WidthH: HeightD: Depth


100% Made in Turkey by M&T Displays.

Refilling is easy for maintenance staff, there is no lock for maintenance access. 

Easy to assemble: only 3 main parts.

Strong aluminum material suitable for indoor and outdoor.

Supports different brands of all kind of disposable glove and tissue boxes etc (boxes not included).



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