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LED Module

• 5 years warranty
• Latest optic technology
• Constant voltage
• Narrow White binning
• Beam angle 120° and 160°
• Dimensions 43×14,5×7,8mm




15 X 73 mm,

ArticleLumen LAngleNumbers
LensWarranty (Years)Pcs in BoxBox SizeWeight of Box
ZNLM110028100160100White10.000KOptical52060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM110112100160100White6.500KOptical52060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM110170100160100White4.000KOptical52060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM110031100160100White3.000KOptical52060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM110030100120100White10.000KWithout Optical52060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM110137100120100White3.000KWithout Optical52060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM110158160100RedOptical52060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM110033160100BlueOptical52060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM110034160100YellowOptical52060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM110035160100GreenOptical52060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM10300010016010White3.000KOptical520060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM10300110016010White6.500KOptical520060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM10300216010YellowOptical520060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM10300316010GreenOptical520060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM10300416010RedOptical520060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg
ZNLM10300516010BlueOptical520060 X 40 X 30 mm20.5 kg


As one of Turkey’s most comprehensive manufacturer of LED lighting, we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications and sign makers. These products are manufactured with best-in-class components, high energy efficiency, time and money saving.


End User Solutions

Making your house home

Add warmth to your everyday life. Zenit LED Modules powered by SAMSUNG LED offer high quality solutions for end users. Zenit LED offers you all shades of white with almost every possible color temperatures and serves you with the latest technology and high quality production. All of the lighting solutions that you could possibly desire can be realised with modern LED technology by Zenit LED.


Signage Solutions

Go Further beyond LED

Zenit LED Modules offer high quality and efficient backlit solutions for lightboxes and illuminated channel letters in profiles between 60mm and 180mm depth. Using the latest top tier LED technology and high quality optics, Zenit LED brings you industry leading efficacy and coverage. This does not only reduce the amount of modules needed for an application, but also the overall power consumption. LED modules offer a value proposition for everyday projects for architects, furniture makers, designers and many other sectors. Various color temperatures with optic and without optic are available.

LED Module

LED Module

LED Module

LED Module

LED Module

LED Module

LED Module

LED Module

LED Module


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