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Newage Quick Banner

• Flexible and mobile poster clamp
• Designed as a practical set can be carried
• Suitable to hold banners in thickness
   50 micron / 500 micron
• Comes with a grey textile bag


1000 X 2000 mm, 600 X 200 mm, 700 X 200 mm, 800 X 200 mm,

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminiumWEIGHTPACKING SIZE (10 pcs)
UQBET00N62603 X 2030 mm600 X 2000 mm600 X 1980 mm9,600 kg380 X 860 X 145 mm
UQBET00N72703 X 2030 mm700 X 2000 mm700 X 1980 mm10,200 kg380 X 860 X 145 mm
UQBET00N82803 X 2030 mm800 X 2000 mm800 X 1980 mm10,800 kg380 X 860 X 145 mm
UQBET00N92903 X 2030 mm900 X 2000 mm900 X 1980 mm11,500 kg380 X 1060 X 145 mm
UQBET00N121003 X 2030 mm1000 X 2000 mm1000 X 1980 mm12,200 kg380 X 1060 X 145 mm

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth


Newage Quick Banner is a budget waynof displaying posters. It holds graphics with clamps and displays your poster in an elegant and stable way, providing easy carry and easy assembly. It is the most price effective  trade show banner.


Newage Quick banner dimensions allow a poster height 2000mm / 79". Due to the foot at the back, it is more stable compared to the other  banners.


Simply placing the poster through aluminum clamps to the fixed pipe.
Supplied without graphics
Optional carry bag available

Newage Quick Banner


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