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Weatherproof Frame 35mm

• Suitable for use under outdoor conditions.
• Ideal for posters of every size. 
• Natural silver-anodized with different
   available in RAL colors.
• Mitred corners.
• There are water drainage holes on the product 
• Anti-glare poster cover sheet.
• Patented product (TR 2006 06254 PCT/TR06/000064)
• IPP55 Approved product
• Maximum poster size 1016 x 2000mm
• Max length 1350 mm and max perimeter 2500 mm.



20″ X 30″ (508 X 762 mm), 30″ X 40″ (762 X 1016 mm), 40″ X 60″ (1016 X 1524 mm), A0 ( 841 X 1189 mm), A1 (594 X 841 mm), A2 (420 X 594 mm), A3 (297 X 420 mm), A4 (210 X 297 mm), B0 ( 1000 X 1414 mm), B1 (700 X 1000 mm), B2 (500 X 700 mm)


< span style="font-size:11px;">PCT/EP2018/060515

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium PROFILE : 35 mm 450WEIGHTPACKING SIZE
UCH355N0A4276 X 363 mm210 X 297 mm206 X 293 mm0,730 kg280 X 365 X 23 mm
UCH355N0A3363 X 486 mm297 X 420 mm293 X 416 mm1,105 kg365 X 490 X 23 mm
UCH355N0A2486 X 660 mm420 X 594 mm416 X 590 mm1,750 kg490 X 670 X 23 mm
UCH355N0A1660 X 907 mm594 X 841 mm590 X 837 mm2,990 kg670 X 920 X 23 mm
UCH355N0A0907 X 1255 mm841 X 1189 mm837 X 1185 mm5,820 kg920 X 1270 X 23 mm
UCH355N0B2566 X 766 mm500 X 700 mm496 X 696 mm2,330 kg572 X 780 X 23 mm
UCH355N0B1766 X 1066 mm700 X 1000 mm696 X 996 mm4,000 kg780 X 1072 X 23 mm
UCH355N0B01066 X 1466 mm100 X 1400 mm996 X 1396 mm7,240 kg1072 X 1480 X 23 mm
UCH355N023574 X 828 mm508 X 762 mm504 X 758 mm2,560 kg580 X 834 X 23 mm
UCH355N034828 X 1082 mm762 X 1016 mm758 X 1012 mm4,350 kg834 X 1088 X 23 mm
UCH355N0461082 X 1590 mm1016 X 1524 mm1012 X 1520 mm8,000 kg1088 X 1600 X 23 mm

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth


This outdoor snap frame is ideal for displaying your artwork outdoors. The sign holder comes with an anti-glear protective cover sheet and is waterproof. This outdoor snap frame, aluminum poster display also includes a gasket to protect your posters from being damaged by weather conditions. 

With this exterior poster holder, aluminum display, you can get rid of your tool box. Once the frame is screwed into the wall, all you have to do is snap open all four sides to change your posters. The last thing you need to do is lock the frame, to prevent tampering. We provide this outdoor snap frame with an allen wretch for convenience. We provide this outdoor snap frame with wall mounting accessories; 4 screws & 4 pegs.

This Frame that is weather resistant can be mounted in landscape or portrait position.

Aluminium weatherproof poster frames are great announcement signs for outdoors restaurants, schools, hotels, business offices to display announcements, deals, sales, notices, messages, menus, rules and directions. They fit in different business environments and appropriate for all industries.

This frame is tested and approved IP55 for outdoor use. 


Weatherproof Frame 35mm

2 years warranty. 
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