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Weatherproof Smart LEDbox 35 mm Single Sided

• 30 mm profile thickness.
• Treated acrylic in the middle provides
   homogenous liighting.
• LED lisgt panels are ideal for wide range
   of indoor applications.
• Maximum poster size is 1016 x 1930 mm.
• Weatherproof using avaibility by inside water
   leakage isolation.
• Power supply in IP67; overall product in IP65 standart.



20″ X 30″ (508 X 762 mm), 30″ X 40″ (762 X 1016 mm), 40″ X 60″ (1016 X 1524 mm), A0 ( 841 X 1189 mm), A1 (594 X 841 mm), A2 (420 X 594 mm), A3 (297 X 420 mm), A4 (210 X 297 mm), B0 ( 1000 X 1414 mm), B1 (700 X 1000 mm), B2 (500 X 700 mm)



ULS35TN0A4271 X 358 mm210 X 297 mm201 X 288 mm2600-2900 LUX2,250 kg320 X 510 X 70 mm
ULS35TN0A3358 X 481 mm297 X 420 mm288 X 411 mm2700-3000 LUX3,660 kg410 X 630 X 70 mm
ULS35TN0A2481 X 655 mm420 X 594 mm411 X 585 mm1800-2100 LUX5,720 kg530 X 810 X 70 mm
ULS35TN0A1655 X 902 mm594 X 841 mm585 X 832 mm1600-1900 LUX9,700 kg710 X 1060 X 70 mm
ULS35TN0A0902 X 1250 mm841 X 1189 mm832 X 1180 mm1200-1500 LUX16,420 kg960 X 1400 X 70 mm
ULS35TN0B2561 X 761 mm500 X 700 mm491 X 691 mm1600-1900 LUX7,180 kg710 X 910 X 70 mm
ULS35TN0B1761 X 1061 mm700 X 1000 mm691 X 991 mm1400-1700 LUX12,455 kg810 X 1210 X 70 mm
ULS35TN0B01061 X 1461 mm1000 X 1400 mm991 X 1391 mm1000-1200 LUX23,680 kg1110 X 1610 X 70 mm
ULS35TN023569 X 823 mm508 X 762 mm499 X 753 mm1600-1900 LUX8,240 kg620 X 970 X 70 mm
ULS35TN034823 X 1077 mm762 X 1016 mm753 X 1007 mm1400-1700 LUX14,010 kg870 X 1220 X 70 mm
ULS35TN0461077 X 1585 mm1016 X 1524 mm1007 X 1515 mm1000-1200 LUX26,870 kg1120 X 1740 X 70 mm

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth


Weatherproof Smart LEDbox 35 mm Single Sided


Lightbox screens are excellent tools for delivering eye-catching graphics in outdoor. These weatherproof illuminated banner frames are designed to hold posters safe when used outdoor conditions. The holders are versatile to orient both vertically and horizontally.


On light box screens, we even provide the necessary mounting brackets and hardware. In addition, changes made with this model are a "snap". These lightbox displays with LEDs, also known as lightbox signs, have instant open framing. For this reason, even during a graphic change, you can pin a large holder to a wall!
2 wall hangers are standard in each product.


Moving hangers let the mounting in portrait and landscape positions. Mobile cable outlet helps moving by the edge and from the back of the aluminium box. 

These illuminated lightbox displays have IP67 and CE listed electrical components. It is complete with weatherproof power supply to use outdoor and poster lenses.  

Weatherproof Smart LEDbox 35 mm Single Sided

Weatherproof Smart LEDbox 35 mm Single Sided

Weatherproof Smart LEDbox 35 mm Single Sided


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