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Window Frames 32 mm

•Easy to change the poster by opening front profile
•Anti-glare poster cover sheet.
•Available for indoor & Outdoor usage
•Double PET cover



20″ X 30″ (508 X 762 mm), 30″ X 40″ (762 X 1016 mm), 40″ X 60″ (1016 X 1524 mm), A0 ( 841 X 1189 mm), A1 (594 X 841 mm), A2 (420 X 594 mm), A3 (297 X 420 mm), A4 (210 X 297 mm), B0 ( 1000 X 1414 mm), B1 (700 X 1000 mm), B2 (500 X 700 mm)

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium PROFILE : 32 mm 450WEIGHTPACKING SIZE
UCW325N4A4253 X 340 mm210 X 297 mm190 X 277 mm0,810 kg260 X 360 X 31 mm
UCW325N4A3340 X 463 mm297 X 420 mm277 X 400 mm1,020 kg360 X 480 X 31 mm
UCW325N4A2463 X 637 mm420 X 594 mm400 X 574 mm1,680 kg460 X 670 X 31 mm
UCW325N4A1637 X 884 mm594 X 841 mm574 X 821 mm2,580 kg660 X 910 X 31 mm
UCW325N4A0884 X 1232 mm841 X 1189 mm821 X 1169 mm4,600 kg910 X 1270 X 31 mm
UCW325N4B2543 X 743 mm500 X 700 mm480 X 680 mm1,950 kg560 X 760 X 31 mm
UCW325N4B1743 X 1043 mm700 X 1000 mm680 X 980 mm3,500 kg760 X 1060 X 31 mm
UCW325N4B01043 X 1443 mm1000 X 1400 mm980 X 1380 mm6,000 kg1060 X 1460 X 31 mm
UCW325N423551 X 805 mm508 X 762 mm488 X 742 mm2,050 kg570 X 820 X 31 mm
UCW325N434805 X 1059 mm762 X 1016 mm742 X 996 mm3,600 kg820 X 1080 X 31 mm
UCW325N4461059 X 1567 mm1016 X 1524 mm996 X 1504 mm6,750 kg1070 X 1590 X 31 mm

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth


This window mount frame is especially designed to be used on Windows for indoor and outdoor usage.

Anodized aluminum finish profiles give this window frame a sleek look. There is double sided tape at the back of the front profiles. Just take off the protective yellow tape of the double sided adhesive tape and place it on the window. Then take off the yellow tape of the double sided adhesive tape on the back of rear profile and place it on the other side of the window covering the look of adhesive tape on the other side. Now your window frame is ready to be used! Window frame can be used in airports, telecom companies, offices, car dealers, hospitals, malls-shops and more places.

Two pieces protective anti-glaring cover come with the product. You can make a sandwich with your two posters put back to back between these covers and then place this sandwich inside the frame and snap close the profiles.

This double sided window frame comes with an easy to understand instruction sheet.

Window Frames 32 mm

5 years warranty. 
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