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Wood Framed Clear Hygiene Separator on Counter

Wood framed clear Hygiene Separator protects office or shop staff for any cough or sneeze. It helps to keep the distance with customers or other workers and colleagues. It is suitable for use in different environments on the desk or cashiers eves as cashier window. The foot offers a secure stand on counter. Foldable design frame helps easy cleaning as well as transport. Ready for use. No drilling or assembly required. Packed single units


The Clear Hygienic Separator helps to protect you from unwanted contamination from airborne viruses as well as
 bacteria and germs that can be caused by coughing or sneezing.  


It helps you to keep your distance with customers or other workers and colleagues. 


The wooden frame gives the product an elegant and classic look. 


This product is made of Beech wood. Because of the natural


*Because of massive wood will have its unique appearance and wood-grain, no two products will match exactly the same.
  differences in wood, it may aesthetically differ with a second product.