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The strength of MT Displays is the ability of creating innovative designs to fulfill the changes and expectations in the global market. Many of innovative designs result in design protection and patent. Today MT Displays has more than 20 patented products in the range In the global markets, it offers 20.000 different articles to meet various needs of different types of market. Product range is a compete range to suit different markets from USA to Japan, Russia to Canada, Germany to Australia, Italy to Brasil and South Africa. Being innovative and reactive, it leads the market and adapts to technological changes.


Producing raw material like LED, APET, HIPS and PVC Foam to finished display products such as LED illuminated product, aluminium extruded, cast outdoor banner system and IP rated pavement signs and frames, MT Displays ensures overall and full quality.

MT Displays listed 600 top exporter companies of Turkey last 7 years in raw.


•    In-house Designing: Innovative designs end up with protected products to avoid unfair competition. 
•    Production Capacity: Large and flexible production lines help adjusting market changes and requirements. 
•    Intense Quality Control : In-house production from row material to finished products enable to keep high quality standards
•    Patent Power: Dozen of engineers and designers are always busy to create novelties. The target is to be the market leader with innovative products. All unique designs and production techniques are protected by patents to avoid unnecessary completion in the market.  

With this power behind, DisplaysMarket found as e-commerce website in 2013 in NJ in USA to be able to provide regional service and products to USA. It is a one-stop online show for all marketing displays needs. Being a local distributor in USA, DisplaysMarket offers unique products on online basis with extensive range.

Group Companies of MT Displays  


Found in 2014, MT Displays KFT is a distribution branch based in Budapest, Hungary. It serves Eastern Europe and Baltic countries with stock availability and showroom facilities. It has 2.800sqm stock area with full security and service management.

Found in 2013, MT Displays LLC is a distribution branch based in New Jersey, USA. It serves North America with stock availability and showroom facilities. It has 123.000sqf stock area with full security and service management including 5.000 pallet capacity.. MT Displays LLC has to serve online customers all over USA. 


www.mtplastech.comMT Plastech was founded in 2004 in order to provide plastic sheets for MT REKLAM sign and display manufacturing.
With an extensive extrusion line capacity, during the last couple of years MT Plastech has been offering plastic sheet for other manufacturer clients in Europe and other countries globally.

MT Plastech manufactures its products under the PLASTECH brand name.

The extrusion lines are in Duzce Factory in Turkey.

MT Plastech has total of 6 extrusion lines:

• PVC Foam lines: German and Austrian brand 4 lines produce 1 mm – 19 mm thick sheets.
Standard sheet sizes are 1220 x 3050 mm, 1560 x 3050 mm and 2050 x3 050 mm.
• PET line: 0,3 mm – 1,5mm thicknesses are available.
Standard sheet sizes are 1000 x 1400mm, 1250 x 2050 mm and 1400 x 3000 mm.
• PS, ABS, ABS/PMMA line: 1 mm – 6 mm thicknesses and 1, 2, 3 or 5 layers are available.
Standard sheet sizes are 1000 x1 400mm, 1250 x 2050 mm and 2050 x 3050 mm

SDS Sales Support Systems Marketing & Trade Inc.

SDS was founded in 2005 as sales and distribution subsidiary of MT REKLAM AS manufactured product ranges in the domestic Turkish market. In a very short time it became the leader for sign supplies in Turkey.

SDS performs its sales and distribution function by supplying sign-shop, sign-makers, and advertisement agencies and other customers, with 8 different regional subsidiary companies dispersed in with major cities in Turkey. These regional sales offices are located in: Adana, Ankara, Antalya and İzmir and Istanbul in Turkey. Through time SDS added other distributorships and representations into its product portfolio.

SDS employs 180 employees.

SDS currently sells and distributes well-known brands like; 3M, EZO, ADANUS, POLICAM and PLEXIGLAS. Its present product portfolio is around 10,000 products.

SDS, markets MT REKLAM manufactured products under the exclusive and proprietary registered trade name of SNAPPER.

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