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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

As MT DİSPLAYS, we aim to apply and develop a development model that meets today’s needs without sacrificing the needs of future generations.

This means that we responsible from organizing all our activities and the management of our organization to help everyone gain their potential and increase their quality of life by protecting and increasing the natural wealth of the world. We are aware that sustainable development can only be achieved if environmental, economic and social sustainability are together. We believe that healthy and conscious societies will emerge as a result of acting in an environmentally conscious manner, while at the same time acting in an environmentally conscious manner can contribute to the country’s economy as a result of efficient and conscious use of limited resources.

To spread the environmental and social sustainability awareness throughout our supply chain, we work with suppliers that supply materials for which our productions do not contain minerals that are harmful to the environment, prohibited from use in conflict-seeking regions, In addition, we do not strictly employ child laborers, we use products we supply from suppliers that child workers are not employed.

We are committed to integrating and developing sustainability awareness into our business processes. Our goal is to take an active role in every field we can be effective in achieving sustainability. We are committed to being transparent in measuring our sustainability performance.